#5 Inauguration of the library at Valverde

After workshop BI0N#5, we finished the construction: a rammed earth parapet was built, the wooden structure of the roof was set and the different layers of the green roof were installed. In the interior, a lime concrete slab was done on a rocks bed. The shelves were realized with ceramic tiles (made in a local small factory) and a lime plaster was done to protect each one of the niches. The same kind of ceramic tiles was used to cover the parapet and as window’s ledges. A basic electric installation was put inside the building for illumination. The doors and windows, both tailor-made by local artisans, were placed and a lime plaster with red pigment was applied on the west wall to repair a part that hat been inadvertently damaged by the automatic watering system of the park. The rammed earth bench made by Ak0 finally had to be removed because some of the pieces were a little bit fragile and could present a risk for the visitors of the park.

At end of June the building was finished, summer was coming, the swimming pool opened so on the 1
st of July we inaugurated the library. Each participant to BI0N#5 workshop kindly let a book in it’s mother tongue, so we were happy to have Greek, Portuguese, French, German, Italian and Spanish books on the shelves, and even a Turkish version of “The Little Prince” of Saint Exupéry. We also installed for this occasion a small photo exhibition with pictures of the workshop as a testimony of the building process. The inauguration was a nice event, quite a lot of people form Valverde and the surroundings came to see the building (some of them went on purpose for the inauguration, other were here by chance because they were coming, as usual, at the swimming pool). We had also the great surprise to have the visit of Joana, participant of the workshop, and three friends who came expressly from Portugal to assist to the inauguration!

No great speech was made, our idea was just to exchange with the visitors and local community, and actually a lot of informal conversations emerged and constituted the most interesting part of the day.

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