#5 Digital fabrication with rammed earth

Workshop #5, Design and build with Rammed Earth, held in Valverde de Burguillos, Extremadura from 16th till 28th of April has also been an opportunity for a little experiment in bringing digital fabrication processes closer to raw earth architecture.

As an integration to the library project developed by the local association Dehesa Tierra, AK0 was invited to work on the experimentation, which led to the construction of a small piece of fix furniture. The Rome based association partnered with Rossella Siani, adjunct professor in Parametric Design from the University of Naples, for this experience.

The design is based on an inverted prefabrication. A digital design process, controlled with algorithmic procedures, led to the production of plywood shapes to be used as a mould for rammed earth columns that assemble the overall design. The shapes have been cut by a numerically controlled laser cutter and then assembled on place. The earth components have been rammed upside down and then placed in their exact position. The design’s organic form recalls the hilly landscape of Extremadura and offers different ways of sitting or lying to relax close to the swimming pool.

A lime render protects the elements from excessive weathering.

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