#4 Cleaning and Classifying Canes at Collserola

The first week of Design and build with CANE course has passed! Eight people from Spain, Italy, France, Argentina and Portugal with the challenge of building a structure for theoretical classes of CanyaViva courses in the Natural Park of Collserola, in Valldaura, have arrived. Because of the place where we are building, the biggest challenge is to build only with natural materials.

The first week of co-creation departed with the first step of the canyaviva method: cleaning and classifying canes. We discovered that each cane has it’s own size as we’ll as the direction in which it grows un a spiral. We had also theoretical classes, and we started to create the first modules for the columns. We also started to put together some ideas about how to construct a green roof.

We finished the week with the presentation of BIØN partners in the Valldaura’s FabLab.


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