#2 Casaprota Follow-up

The educational building site inaugurated in Casaprota, Italy, to host last July’s LearnBIØN workshop #2 will be the location for further initiatives:

BIØN-partner AK0 is organizing RENDER01, a three-days workshop open to architects, building professionals or self-constructors who want to learn more about natural finishes for internal and external walls. The workshop will take place next November from Friday 10th till Sunday 12th.

Raw earth and lime offer multiple opportunities to generate a healthy indoor climate. As materials they are substantially renewable, non-toxic and have a low environmental impact. In past times they have always been used for buildings all over the world but even in constructions from the last few decennials, which mainly privileged other materials, the use of lime and raw earth can provide climatic advantages and the opportunity for fascinating tactile and visible effects.

Workshop participants will learn the basic notions to produce a rendering mixture from local earth. Moreover, it will be possible to raise familiarity with the application of premixed products. A special session will be dedicated to cocciopesto, an antique Roman lime-render technique to make surfaces waterproof.

For more information, download the complete call (in Italian)

To apply, you can use the online procedure here.

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