#2 Week four – Insulation Layers and Finishes

LearnBIØN workshop#2 is getting in the final face. Since a few days the little training-prototype is being wrapped with a natural insulation layer. We decided for 80mm wood-fibre panels which we protect with a diffusive yet waterproof membrane. The panels are entirely made of wood and easy to cut on site.

The enclosed room is also receiving a wooden floor. The hollow spaces under it have also been filled with natural insulation materials and avoid direct thermal contact between the cold concrete slab and the inner space.

Due to little delays on site, it will probably not be possible to install the false ceiling, which is supposed to have the same purpose from above. At the moment the upper concrete slab and the two columns that have been included in the room act as thermal bridges. AK0 is already planning an additional workshop next fall to complete these works and thus make it possible to assess the climatic behaviour of the little building. Gathering data for at least one month would provide precious insights for other “grafting” projects that can reactivate abandoned buildings all over Europe.

Once the walls are insulated a second quincha-frame closes them. The generated raw-earth surface provides a very suitable ground-layer for the final render. The render material has been generated on site starting from the locally available earth. We choose to use a red earth, actually a leftover from the local tennis pitch. Through a series of test to assess cohesion and shrinking behaviour we defined the suitable mix. For the external facades we decided to add a small amount of lime into the mix. This stabilizes the external layer slightly and makes it more resistant to direct rain.

The end of the week finished in an intense cleaning of the site to prepare it to welcome the community.

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