​#2 week three in Casaprota

Time is running in Casaprota! During the third week new members joined the team and their help was very useful to complete some key goals.
We finally got the insulation panels in wood fiber and the steam barrier; putting them on site was quite fast and after that we could install the last wall layer, a quincha panel covered with earth, sand and straw just on the external surface.
We completed the light straw walls, providing inside them the pipes for electric installation. The process to reach the final result was particularly formative.
We tried different solutions and just from the experience on site we could find out the right way of working: actually, this is what “learning by doing” means for us.
Exploring the features of earth and straw working together we also produced some light straw bricks, that we used to complete the walls.
The main protagonist of the week arrived on site: the diamond wall! Ak0 team strongly wanted this prefabricated structure on site to carry on the research about the possible landscapes from the interaction between prefabricated structures and self construction.
In the end, we tested the retirement of the earth mix for the rendering; we will await the results to chose the best solution.
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