#2 First week framed at Casaprota

The first week of LearnBIØN course#2 Design and Build with Wattle-and-Daub and Light Straw is concluded. An enthusiastic group of participants from different countries and with different professional backgrounds have had the possibility to assess the features of locally available earth samples through empirical tests, to understand the working principle of a wattle-and-daub frames build with the quincha-technique and to accomplish all the necessary working steps for it practically. Defining the most appropriate mix of earth sand and straw to be used as cladding material has taken more than one day.

At the same time the team of workshop participants almost concluded the main structure of timber elements that will host the walls for a little pavilion to be grafted into the local “Colosseo”. This is the lovingly name that the inhabitants of Casaprota gave to a concrete structure that “adorns” the entry to the small town since some 40 years without ever having been completed.

The canes for the quincha-frames have been gathered in a private estate. A barbecue with the whole team and the owners family has been a pleasant way of celebrating the production of building material with an extremely short supply chain.

Open conferences in the beautiful premise of Palazzo del Gatto, which is also accommodation for most of the participants, integrated the practical work on site while shared meals, each in another location in town, are proving to be an excellent way to strengthen the team, to go ahead with specific discussions and to get in contact with the local community.

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