#2 AK0 July course preparation – Cane harvesting

While the Portuguese team of Oficinas do Convento is in its final rush for the preparation of Learn-BIØN workshop #1 (Design and build with compressed earth blocks), in central Italy works have started for workshop #2 (Design and build with quincha and light straw). On Saturday 18th of February the AK0-team together with a group of volunteers have started to harvest the canes needed for the raw-earth walls they are planning to build in next July. The canes have been sourced on a private estate in the hilly Sabina region, 60km north-east from Rome and only some hundred metres from the future building site in the town of Casaprota that will host the workshop.

In meanwhile, the week before, the city council of Casaprota has approved AK0’s project proposal which includes the realization of a small experimental building made of raw earth and other natural materials.

AK0 would like to thank all volunteers and the local partner organization SabinArti.

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