Learning from Brussels – A visit to Le Hameau du Baudriquin

As a second visit (Tuesday, Dec.6), our Belgium team organized a “spanish hostel” at the co-property project Le Hameau di Baudriquin, with Delphine, one of the owners. Quentin and little Arthur joined us later. Braine-le-Comte is the first economically accessible French speaking village outside Brussels, well connected by an half-hour train ride. The project started a couple of years ago and the co-property was established in 2013 with the farm co-acquisition. After some issues involving urbanistic permits and heritage restrictions the group finally managed to get a 6 housing project approved. Conflicts of visions and ideas gave origin to some crisis during the process, but new inputs are arising and renewing the group energy. We were caught into one of those crisis moments which made us think about the importance of mediation in cooperative projects. The individuals in this group had much more in common than those of L’Espoir, which probably disguised what otherwise would have been possible predictable conflicts. We hope to see this project growing and complete. It is an interesting answer to our ever more disconnected society.

FB from the project

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