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Sweden, 31July-27August  2017, 4 weeks
Organised by Architectural Environmental Strategies
Anna Sundman aesmejl@gmail.com +46722564525 www.aesstudio.org
Language: English & Swedish

The workshop will explore the traditional Scandinavian building technique of “Kubbhus” (Cordwood). We will examine the boundaries of this material as a wall filling as well as a structural load bearing element. Studies will be made through sketches, models and 1:1 experiments.

Through the workshop we hope to alter the way the technique has been seen as just an ancient building method. The workshop will explore if and in what way this technique can have a relevance for today’s built environment.

Upon completion of the workshop,
participants will be able to:

– Produce knowledge and awareness about the vernacular technique “Kubbhus” (Cordwood).
– Increase the skills of constructing with Cordwood for all participants.
– Develop participatory tools for Cordwood building.
– Complete a Cordwood structure.
– Know the basic components in cordwood building, the preparation of wood and mortar.
– Comprehend why cordwood structures have a low impact on the environment.


– Improve the knowledge about the vernacular Cordwood technique.
– Build resilience in our communities through inclusion, where architecture can serve as a method for participation in societal development.


“Looking at the past” – The vernacular Nordic/ Scandinavian construction technique “Kubbhus” (Cordwood) was used for house constructions in Sweden. We will explore the restrictions and possibilities that the material and technique demonstrates. The locality and environmental aspects will be discussed.

“Learning by doing” – Experience the material in place where it comes from. Learn how to extract it from nature in a sustainable way and understand its qualities by working with it.

“Social Impact” – To use architecture as a process for adult learning, and inclusion. Participatory methods will be used to include all participants in the process.

“Developing construction techniques” – The adaptation of a natural material to its construction purpose. Learning different techniques to adapt the shape and the characteristics of raw materials.

“Constructing a building” – A small building scale 1:1 in cordwood will be constructed by the participants during the workshop and can serve as an educational prototype on how the cordwood technique could be used.

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