AES |Partner 2015-2022|

AES-08Architectural Environmental Strategies, Sweden

AES is a non-profit organisation founded in Sweden 2009, working within the field of architecture, planning and sustainable development. Our specific area of interest has been to work with communities to improve their conditions of living, finding innovative solutions to satisfy needs, and using indigenous building techniques to diversify architectural development in developing countries. Our work has been awarded with the Energy Globe Award and Yves Rocher Foundation for its ecological and social benefits. Our projects have ranged from development strategies for small island communities, building ecological sanitation with local materials, participatory design methods, community building and participating in various discussions about indigenous building techniques and development.

AES has previous experience in building with local materials, arranging workshops, participating in international partnerships and networks. Anna Sundman (M.S. Architecture) who will be the contact person from AES, has been the project manager of 2 award winning projects for AES, all within the field of vernacular building techniques, ecological design and participatory building. She is the co-founder of the organisation, and is active in architectural networks and vernacular building strategies. All our members of our organisation are active architects with a great knowledge in sustainable building techniques and ecological design. AES has been developing training actions on different sustainability issues, from water and waste management to design and build in participatory processes with local communities in Fiji.

During the last years AES has been improving their network and are widening the range of their actions. In this proposal the collaboration will be with the Museum of Sörmland and a Swedish municipality, to innovatively combine socially responsible structures, cultural heritage with societal teaching and learning activities.

The prototype and the training will be conducted in a segregated community predominantly made up by an immigrant population, to include multiple participants to engage actively in the learning and making of space. The development and research about the local building techniques is also strengthening the relationship with the old master builders of the region.


Anna Sundman, Project Management and Research
+46 722564525

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