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La Haute École de Bruxelles-Brabant, Belgium

Haute Ecole of Brussels-Brabant is a Belgian University College training in its pedagogical department future teachers and social educators. C.E.R.I.S.E.S. is a research center in the frame of H.E.B. with a precise expertise on social and educative projects.

Thanks to the experience and commitment of our teachers and trainers actively participating in project development and professional networks such as Educ -Europe ( European platform dedicated to European training of social educators ) Form’Educ ( Belgian national platform of special education full- training and social promotion in the French Community of Belgium), FESET ( the European Association of training Centres for socio-Educational work) ABFRIS ( combination of training , research and social intervention , AIFRIS , and ENSACT ) , the Pedagogical Institute and Defré section Educator specialised in psycho – education provides a multidimensional training, based on the encounter with the other , intercultural openness, involvement in an action for development of people and a united world with a truly international dimension.

Students have the opportunity to integrate their various professional training courses, including an internship outside border that give a working knowledge of responses implemented in different countries deal with socio- educational problems. In addition , students may participate in research projects conducted by the team of research center on socio- educational intervention ( CERISES ) created Defré Institute in September 2011. Center team is currently composed of François Gillet, Roland and Michael Terzo Pollefait participating in European projects and conduct their own research oriented parallel inter alia on the following topics :

– the study of the relationship between individual work and group work in the socio -educational interventions;
– Sustainable social
– conceptualisation of professional action
– Ethics in social professions
– The physical dimension of social business
– International and transnational social work
– tools for socio – educational work
– collaborative action research

During several practices of our students in social or educational institutions we met teams working on low energy projects for renewing or rebuilding their infrastructures with a central focus on the low or zero energy perspective. We were especially concerned by the projects aiming to include the concerned populations of those institutions in the process of preparing the project and following the steps of realisation. For example including children, teachers, parents and neighbours in the construction of a school (in Leuven), including future inhabitants groups in the thinking, planning and realising of a plan of an apartments building (in Molenbeek- Brussels) as well as a community house in the same district (Bonne-vie) or transforming an old farmhouse in a village of 40 inhabitants where bio-agriculture and living together are in good dynamique (Wevy-Weron Namur). We have also examples in hospitals, centers for people with disabilities, youth centers etc Those partners could be, under others, involved in the project.

François Gillet, Project Management and Research
+32 472900133

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