Learn BIØN

BIØN is  a network of partners active in low impact building techniques. Our aim is to share knowledge, practices and experiences, in order to contribute to the built environment and to our communities.

Currently we are running the Learn BIØN project, a collaboration to build and share our knowledge across borders. We are 7 partners in 5 european countries, all participating with our specific knowhow for this three year collaboration.

Our objectives are:

– Improve the access to quality information about Low Impact Building Techniques through our platform, and through actively participating in our local communities.  We will document our work an provide open access documents through our website and multinational network.
– Increase the skills for construction workers, NEET, migrants, refugees, students, professionals and other adults interested in the topics about Low Impact Building Techniques through workshops.
– Increase awareness about Low Impact Techniques on an environmental-, economical-, social- and cultural level.
– Develop strategies to to maximise participation and generate inclusive communities, by the use of architecture as a tool. Improve the connection between formal and informal learning systems, developing or using existing accreditation systems.
– Improve standards of natural and recycled materials use in building, by integrating the building legislation of each country and discuss possibilities with stakeholders, councils and communities.

Co-funded by ERASMUS+ Programme of the European Union.

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