Learn BIØN² 2019-2022

We are glad to announce that the new Learn BIØN² project has been approved by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

We are looking forward for the new challenges and to spread Building Impact Zero Techniques with a high social impact across several countries in different events.

We are also glad to welcome our new partner Science PO Grenoble from France that will train our members to improve skills in cooperation and alternative economies and miga-ACTYVA from Spain that will share knowledge on strawbale building techniques.

Learn BIØN² will develop teaching/training/learning tools grouped in video tutorials, reports and guides.

Keep tuned for further updates!




BIØN  – Building Impact Zero Network

A network of partners active in low impact building techniques with high social impact.

Our aim is to share knowledge, practices and experiences, in order to contribute to the built environment and to our communities.


Learn BIØN² will focus on adult learning with architecture as our main tool.

We are 8 partners in 6 european countries, all participating with our specific know-how for this three year collaboration.

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