#7 apply to the last LearnBIØN workshop and final reflection

After almost two years of workshops, travels, meetings, a lot of sharing and, of course, a lot of caring, it´s time to set a closure for this first LearnBIØN cycle. Therefore, a week of knowledge sharing, critical co-thinking and celebration is being set in Montemor-o-Novo, between the 11th (arrival) and the 19th of August (departure).
The idea is for the group to co-create small spatial interventions in the surroundings of Oficinas do Convento´s workshops in need.
The techniques that will be the main vehicle for this workshop will be defined along with  the design to be co-created by all the participants in the beginning of the week. 
We will concentrate on some of the techniques shared abroad during the LearnBIØN program, so skills can be more easily shared with ones getting in contact with them for the first time and improved by the ones who have experienced them.
Tutors from the partners organizations, former participants from previous courses and new participants at BIØN courses will share knowledge and experiences in an horizontal context.
According to the resources available and the environmental context, the design and build processes shall help us think through these last times we (directly or not) spent together in the realm of this network.
To think, strengthen and project the network´s values and desires to a common future is a mission within the imaginary of this week.
The attendance fee is 100€ and will cover food expenses (breakfast, lunch and dinner).
The ones preferring to cook for themselves should pay a 50€ fee for which we can give a scholarship in the case of low income personal situations (please feel free to contact us in this case).
All participants should bring a tent for the stay so all of us can settle on-site (for the ones coming by plane we can discuss the possibility of sharing the tent with others).
The subscription deadline is the 8th of August although, if possible, please contact us before.
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