#1 Timber doors with local wood

May was the month were the CEB “Nests” got in contact with timber. A carpentry workshop was held to build the doors to each nest. The workshop was facilitated by a friend of the Nests coming from Switzerland to share he´s fine carpentry knowledge with other volunteers (in total a group of four, and three persons passing by for shorter periods of time). Together we created the design and built the two doors that, along with the shelves, are going to turn this vaulted space into two cosy nests.

To use national pinewood turned out to be more of a challenge than we first thought, as its quality is much lower than the expected and not at all in line with its price.
Of course, the design of the doors, following the geometry of the inner arches and therefore with a quarter circle part, was already a big challenge for newbies!
The first week started with setting the workshop space and went on with getting in contact with types of wood joineries, grain direction of trees and how to read it on timber, understanding and experimenting the use of different kinds of machines and also an insight on how to cut with handsaws.
The design and its plans were made after a survey to the interior spaces in question.
We followed with planing, sanding, using the router to create the profiles for the wanted joineries, and sanding again. The filling profiles were done on an industrial router while the structural pieces were done on site, with a hand router.
A plan 1:1 was drawn on a big board so we could draw the exact curves of the pieces for the round top of the doors and a big compass was built to cut exactly the , using the router.
After a lot of sanding we could finally mount all the pieces together, install hinges and locks, and finally contemplate these almost-medieval-looking doors!
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