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Portugal, 22 April to 21 May  2017, 4 weeks
Organised by Oficinas do Convento
Tânia Teixeira, taniadpteixeira@gmail.com +351 938137907 www.oficinasdoconvento.com
Language: English & Portuguese

The Learn BIØN project, co-financed by Erasmus+, aims at building and sharing knowledge across borders. Oficinas do Convento – Culture, Art and Communication (OC) will organize the first workshop of this 3-year project.

This is a 4-week training where a small infrastructure for an NGO or public space will be built. The goal is to explore CEB (Compressed Earth Bricks) techniques. All the details will be designed using this material in order to maximise its aesthetical and functional potential. This means that the structure will be developed with arches, vaults and domes systems exploring how these kinds of specific vernacular design may acquire a more contemporary character while defining spaces.

The growing interest for the development of raw earth building techniques appears not only as the necessity to catalog and preserve ancient knowledge, but also as an opportunity to develop raw earth techniques adapted more to the contemporary architecture. It will also answer to the modularity and standardisation demand of the building industry. This explains the choice of CEB as an interesting material to be explored in this training.  Its modularity as well as its semi-industrial process of production (need to be compressed with a CEB press) allows its use on the building site resorting to simplified processes. The students have the possibility to learn about one of the most innovative techniques in the field of raw earth building.

The most important topics covered by this training are:

Week #1: Building with Earth, soil characterization, empiric earth tests, notions about laboratory earth testing. CEB production chain, from matter to brick;

Week #2: Building with CEB, principles, foundations;

Week #3: Building with CEB, Types of masonry, types of mortar;

Week #4: CEB structures and details, arches, vaults and domes;

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