Spain, April  2018, 3 weeks
Organised by Dehesa Tierra
Lucile Couvreur, dehesatierra@gmail.com +34 681608237 www.dehesatierra.es
Language: English & Spanish

Dehesa Tierra propose a two weeks training in Extremadura (Spain), in which the participants will have a first approach of building with rammed earth. Helped by professionals, and working together with the inhabitants of the place, they will contribute to build a space for the community.

They will design and build rammed earth elements (interior walls, furnitures, etc) that will be integrated in a shell (like a wooden structure with insulating fibered material) in order to obtain a thermally efficient building. This way conceiving the use of rammed earth in construction differs of the traditional constructive logic, in which the whole structure of the building is made out of earth, requiring a fair amount of manual labor.

In this case, rammed earth will be used only in specific places of the building, taking advantage of its thermal inertia and capacity to regulate humidity. Instead of covering the walls with lime, as it was traditionally made, we will exploit the aesthetic potential of this raw material, exploring the strata effect and texture variations specific of rammed earth technique.

Special attention will be paid to technical details and connexions with other elements constituting the building.

Workshop program:

– Visit of the area to discover vernacular architecture of the place
– Building with earth : theoretical introduction about earth construction techniques, with a focus on rammed earth
– Basic notions about field test for soil characterization
– First experiments on small samples
– Rammed earth production line : hands-on- approach at scale 1:1

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