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Italy, May  2018, 4 weeks
Organised by ARCò – architettura e cooperazione
Alessio Battistella, workshop@ar-co.org, +390287280580, www.ar-co.org
Language: English & Italian

This is a 4-weeks training which focuses on alternative and low cost building techniques. We will explore the potential of some materials, such as tires, bottles, paper tubes which can be recycled and/or recyclable in architecture. We will analyze also the proprieties of some natural materials, available in most places, such as straw, wood and earth.

We will treat different building techniques, such as earthship and earthbag, develop sketches and technical drawings, create models, prototypes and final self-build manuals.

Why using local and recycled materials
The principal theme of the training concerns the necessity of a responsible use of natural and unconventional resources, valorizing and respecting local architectural tradition and culture and looking for appropriate techniques.
Building with earthbags, for example, is both traditional and innovative. Sandbags have long been used in order to build strong and protective barriers. Since the walls are so substantial, they resist severe weather and also stand up to natural calamities such as earthquakes and floods. They can be erected simply and quickly with available components, for very little money. 
Another interesting ØKM architectural technique which students will learn is earthship. It is a type of passive solar building made of both natural and recycled materials.
Using local materials means a little processing or transporting and low environmental and economic costs. Sustainable building is an essential aspect of the efforts we can make to conceive an ecologically responsible world.  

Through observation and interaction, participants will learn by doing. The experimental learning involves learning how natural or recycled materials can be used in buildings. The participants will have a hands-on approach experience: they will make discoveries and experiments which include the construction of a prototype and the develop of a manual.
Students will develop organizational and working skills since they will have the opportunity to consider what is working and failing in each technique and to think about ways to get team to work better. They will improve also their communicative skills, by discussing and expressing their ideas. They will interact and they will be involved in some important and participative processes with their community. They will enrich their autonomy and experiences becoming part of a team and being aware of their contribution to its development and improvement.

Finally, they will learn the proprieties of some building materials, natural or recycled and experiment sustainable and low cost techniques. They will understand the importance of designing and building ØKm.

Download the Workshop brief to find more information on how to participate:

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