AK0 |Partner 2015-2022|


Architettura a Kilometro Zero, Italy

AK0 has been founded in 2014 as non-profit association after 5 years of informal work in the field of sustainable architecture. Its associates are mainly architects but the larger network includes structural engineers, energy consultants, chemists, permaculture designers, urban planners and craftsmen. The association is based in Rome with activities in Italy, Greece, Peru and Guatemala.

The associates of AK0 have several years of experience with educational programs in the field of architecture, including teaching contracts in Italy and abroad. The team offers experimental building workshops in the field of sustainable construction since 2009.

The main skills include:

– building with raw earth (techniques, history, detailing, testing methods),
– building with (Italian) bamboo,
– management of cooperation projects with tight budgets,
– design activities (computer drawings, cost control, postproduction),
– energetic performance of buildings.

Some of the workshops culminate in the construction of complete buildings. The trade school completed in 2013 in Cerro La Granadilla, Guatemala is an example for this kind of activity that merges education, experimentation and professional practice. Besides designing, consulting and training, in certain circumstances we find it useful to lend a hand in construction in order to convey less known solutions or technologies.

We believe that understanding and employing renewable resources is the only way to build a meaningful habitat for a growing world population. This is the reason why we try to implement our projects with natural construction systems. During our work experience we discovered them to provide many other benefits with respect to inner climate, social equity, local economy, identity and legacy.

Some of the techniques we use are among the eldest ways of building at all. Nevertheless we continuously discover new features, different ways of employment or new combinations of material. Besides investigating natural materials as such we are interested in understanding what role they can play in contemporary architecture.

The designs we deal with privilege locally available materials. This safes energy and provides new challenges for every site. At the same time we believe that weightless resources like know-how and technological methods should travel all around the world. Sometimes this makes it necessary to move people from one continent to another and make them meet.

Other research topics investigated by the association include collective design methods and sustainable settlements.

On all said issues we offer different types of training activities, among them:

– Practice-oriented, short workshops with a duration from 2 to 6 days focused on specific building techniques. Participants get a theoretical introduction and the opportunity to apply the techniques with the help of qualified tutors.
– On site workshops with a specific work-goal, mainly a small architecture or intervention commissioned by a private client or a local community. Participants have the opportunity to follow an entire building process.Seeing things done is a strong stimulus for collective learning and awareness rising. The duration can go from 6 days to several weeks, depending on the building task.
– Spot activities aiming at transferring basic notions on specific building techniques and transforming a spot for a short time.

The present project will involve persons that have between 5 and 12 years experience with teaching architecture-related topics and more then 15 years of professional experience. All of them have a strong interest in learning by doing methods and are able to coordinate building-workshops in this field. As a team AK0 is able to offer courses in 5 different languages.

Stefan Pollak, Project Management and Research

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