ACTYVA – Miga |Partner 2019-2022|

ACTYVA Sociedad Cooperativa, was created at the end of 2013 in Extremadura, a mainly rural and sparsely populated region of southwestern Spain particularly affected by the context of economic crisis.

With the aim of slowing the increasing emigration of young people causing a worrying depopulation of the rural areas, ACTYVA emerged to facilitate the generation of productive projects and the interconnections between them, and to reactivate links and exchanges at a local scale.

Self-defined as the “integral cooperative of the southwest”, ACTYVA seeks to become a network for the economic activation of the region, working at all levels and all sectors to advance in self-management models generating individual, social and environmental benefits for the local community.

ACTYVA is today composed of 400 members, including 15 associated workers and 25 volunteers, being the rest of members simple consumers of the goods and services produced by the cooperative. All united by values such as integrity, mutual support, common good, solidarity, horizontality and respect for the environment, we work in a decentralised way to address the needs of social justice and sovereignty.

Since its creation the cooperative has been providing services and developing new practices in the following areas: agriculture and livestock, food, education, culture, new technologies, habitat and energy.

Most of our work as a cooperative is based on field action combined with non-formal and lifelong learning. It is essential for us to create bonds with other entities and related collectives is essential to increase our sphere of action and exchange good practices. Our collaboration with BI0Network is one of the examples.

Field action for rural development:

Since 2014, we are implementing a project called “Cáceres Para Comerselo” which facilitates the commercialization of small and organic food produced nearby the city of Cáceres in order to revitalize the surroundings villages through the continuation of farming and to improve the quality of food supply in the city.

In parallel, through a project called “Merineando” located in the mountains close to Cáceres (Sierra de La Mosca), we are recovering the local breed of sheep called Merino. Our hered, composed of hundred animals, contributes through its grazing to the preservation of our local ecosystem, the Mediterranean forest, enhancing biodiversity and helping to prevent fires. The wool of our sheeps is transformed and valorized by “Laneras”, the project for which we received in November 2018 a regional prize for rural innovation.

Another example of our action for rural development is the implementation of new technical building solutions based on indigenous resources and inspired by local and vernacular architecture. Last 4 years via the projects “Bioconstrucciones prefabricadas” and “Miga, Oficina rural de arquitectura y construcción”, we built and renovated several houses using prefabricated elements and applying principles of bioclimatic architecture.

Lifelong learning and non-formal education

Since its creation ACTYVA offers a broad program of lifelong learning and non-formal educational activities. Via our platform “BBBFarming”, we propose training (both online and on-site) on different topic connected to agroecology: bee-keeping, regenerative agriculture, holistic land management, eco-friendly techniques for wool transformation etc.).

Regarding child education, our sensitivity to new practices in the field of pedagogy lead us to create the “Alaire” project, a school based on alternative teaching methods, and “La Factoria Ludica”, a travelling project based on education through games.

In the field of eco-building, we also provide training for young adults and unemployed people. Since its creation in 2016, the team of Miga has been coordinating several courses including theory and practice, for people interested in increasing their skills about bioclimatic architecture and the use of local and natural materials as straw, stone and clay for building healthy and energy-efficient spaces.  During the period 2019 to 2022, the team of Miga project will be in charge of BI0N project implementation.

For more information on ACTYVA follow this link.

For more information on Miga follow this link.

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